Farmers separate red organic saffron from purple flower petals at the organic saffron cooperative

Auzoud is proudly partnered with Moroccan small farmer cooperatives to provide unique all natural and organic foods.


In addition to offering only the finest authentic Moroccan foods, Auzoud is committed to working with low-income women and youth farmers from the High Atlas mountain region. This rural area is home to hundreds of olive, saffron and argan farmers, most of whom live without simple amenities like running water and electricity. Many of the farmers are single mothers hoping to send their children to school.

Auzoud has been founded by the grandson of one such farmer. 

Our partner cooperatives are based on membership participation and fair trade, allowing women to feed their families and educate their children. Improving the socio-economic situation, health and education of women and youth has an immediate and lasting impact on the well-being of their families and the preservation of the local culture and community.

We are focused on expanding the number of farmers we work with, in turn directly increasing profit margins for local farmers and most importantly, their quality of life.

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