Auzoud is proudly partnered with Moroccan small farmers' cooperatives.

 Each crocus produces three saffron threads.

Organic Saffron

Founded in 2004, the organic saffron cooperative supports Moroccan women farmers as they gain access to fair market prices nationally and abroad. Many of these farmers are single mothers who sustain their families without electricity or running water so generating income from their crops is essential to their livelihoods.

Individual flowers are hand-picked before dawn while the crocuses (flowers) are still closed, followed by the separation of saffron from flower petals. Each flower yields three saffron stigmas, a highly prized herb heavily utilized in North African cuisine.



Organic Argan Oil

The primary objective of the organic argan oil cooperative is to improve conditions for women of the argan tree biosphere reserve by empowering them with an adequate income. Argan oil is highly valued as a healthy cooking oil and natural skincare product and has been rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world.

Argan nuts are hand-picked from the trees and then hand-pressed, using rocks or grinders, until the oil is released. Cosmetic argan oil is kept raw while culinary argan oil is toasted just a bit over an open fire to elicit the naturally sweet and nutty flavor and aroma. 

Many argan sources, both inside and outside of Morocco, use illegal deforestation and contribute to degradation of the argan tree. To better safeguard and sustain this endemic tree, our partner cooperative sources their argan oil from a monitored and protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.




All Natural Olives & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The all natural olive cooperative was co-founded by Auzoud owner Mejid Beraouz and local partners in 2010 to support better social conditions for women, youth and agricultural workers in the region.

The cooperative helps empower farmers as they obtain higher prices for their olives and a more sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families. There are currently over a hundred cooperative members and many more farmers are working with the organization to participate in the next harvest.

One of the cooperative’s missions is to educate members about sustainable olive farming. To this end, Auzoud and the co-op are working together to obtain organic certification for all members.